Elephant General Info


  • Elephants are the largest animal on land yet an endangered species due to human activities.
  • Out of the total elephant population 10% (5,000) of Asian Elephants live in Sri Lanka; a place where the highest density of elephants in Asia.


  • Average 300 elephants and humans die each year and there is lot we can do to mitigate human elephant conflict.


  • Elephants are part of the Sri Lankan culture and you will find them all over the country in different forms.
  • Human Elephant conflict is one of the biggest challenges that has no solution to date.
  • Elephants need food and water come to villages, often destroy crops even damage the small houses at night.

Elephants in Sri Lanka

Save an Elephant


  • We can help save elephants by supporting and educating the people in these villages.
  • Getting involved in ongoing research activities too can help find sustainable solutions in the long run.
  • Best way to help is to be a volunteer … do what you can and do what you like to help preserve the nature.