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Experiencing and experimenting while living in realities is the best way to gain and Share knowledge.

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Experiencing and experimenting while living in realities is the best way to gain and share knowledge. Discovering and sharing knowledge made us what we are today. How we use this knowledge decide the future of the living earth. Knowledge about nature is precious and critical at this hour. We know many species are vanishing forever due to human acts but no one can predict it’s impact in the years to come. So what can we do?

Wise men and women together can reverse this situation. Intelligent people know that ‘happiness’ is the biggest wealth and ‘good health’ is the biggest profit for an individual living on this earth can acquire. We see that there is a strong bond between the ‘nature’, ‘health’ and the ‘happiness’ and we are committed to support research and activities in these areas and share knowledge for a better world for us and for those unborn.

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Before COVID-19 Sri Lanka was among the top of the tourist destinations. In future it is going to be one of the best research destinations in the world for environmentalists, biologists, naturalists and for an array of scientist who are seeking knowledge such as ancient wonder drugs made out of herbs and on number of other topics.

Below are just some of the ways how you can get engage and share knowledge

Living in outreach villages involved in teaching and farming

Engage in environmental education activities for school children

Design, develop and implement community development projects

Research and support research activities on herbs and wildlife

Working and living in elders caring homes

Participate during online discussions on specific topics.

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