Leopards Genaral Info


  • Leopard is a beautiful large cat that feed on insects, rats and even on larger animals such as grown up cows.
  • Leopard has a shining golden brown colour skin spotted with black spots can be seen early in the morning and relaxing in the evenings.
  • The sub-species Panthera pardus kotiya largest of it’s kind is only found in Sri Lanka.
  • In Sri Lanka there around 500 leopards still living and recently many found dead as they get caught to traps set up by the people.
  • The leopard is a very adaptable animal can occupy various places, yet their numbers are fast dwindling due to human activities.
  • Yala and Wilpattu National parks are the best places to see Leopards freely moving in their natural habitat.

Leopards in Sri Lanka

Leopard Conservation

  • As we see there is much one can do to help protect the leopards in this small island in the Indian ocean.
  • In Sri Lanka there are couple of active organizations working with locals to save this beautiful endemic landmark species is the island.
  • If you are interested and have time you can be a volunteer or a researcher on wildlife to help protect our wildlife.