Research Nature

Experiencing and experimenting while living in realities is the best way to gain and Share knowledge.

Research Topic Suggestions

The research topic we select have great impact on our success or the failure. We help researchers find the most suitable topics for research and to ensure that their time in this tropical island is memorable and enjoyable. If you are interested in the nature, natural resources, people and the behavior our interest to help your research is high.

Support to Research Activities

Irrespective that your research interest is on science and technology or on social-environmental matters, if your intentions can help support the life on earth research gates are open and we are ready to extend our hands beyond advisory support for you to find out unique solutions for complex problems faced by the people and the nature.

Research Why Sri Lanka


support to researches

Finding research partners, to find locations of accommodation, planning the journey, getting permissions and give a start at the initial stages of the research is just a few were our expert knowledge can help someone wanting to do a research in a tropical island while enjoying the sun, sand and the hospitality of the people.

How you can get engage and share knowledge

Learning and Sharing Ideas

Living in outreach villages involved in teaching and farming

Education for children

Living in outreach villages involved in teaching and farming

implement Projects

Design, develop and implement community development projects

Research and support

Research and support research activities on herbs and wildlife

Care Elders and Vulnerable

Working with vulnerable communities and in elder care homes

Online Discussions

Participate during online discussions on related specific topics.

share your knowledge with us

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