Beauty of Rivers & Lakes
can touch your heart

Water is precious and limited warrant our care & attention.

Humans place a high importance on rivers and lakes. They aid in the development of hydropower, provide water for irrigation, drinking, and industry, and aid in the development of fisheries. They will improve the natural beauty of the area while also assisting in the growth of tourism and providing recreational opportunities.

Sri lankan lake
Water scarcity

Water scarcity is characterized as a lack of adequate water or the inability to obtain safe drinking water. In certain parts of the planet, water is in short supply. Water is becoming increasingly scarce as it is needed to grow and process food, generate electricity, and support industry for an ever-increasing population.

Sri Lanka has 103 natural river basins with a total length of around 4,500 kilometers (UNESCO and MoAIMD 2006). The Mahaweli River, which is 335 kilometers long and covers 10,448 square kilometers, is the largest river in the nation (MENR and UNEP 2009). There are also a large number of reservoirs, including ancient irrigation reservoirs and newly built multi-purpose reservoirs, totaling 169,941 hectares.

Maskeliya water bodies

Water Activities

Sri Lanka has a plethora of beaches where water sports can be enjoyed. Let us discuss which ones are the most exciting and where in Sri Lanka is the best place to enjoy each sport. Surfing, Jet skiing, Scuba Diving/Snorkeling, Kite Surfing, Deep Sea Diving, Sailing, and White Water Rafting are just a few of the exciting water sports available in Sri Lanka.

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