We as a collective community

who are inspired to protect, conserve and preserve the environment, we recognize our youngsters as influencers in communities. “Ruwan Rekha Outreach “ is a non-governmental organization which is dedicated for environmental education and conservation activities in order to help and strengthen the attempts of  environmental conservation.

Initiated In

Our organization was initiated in 2020 with the aim of doing a valuable service for the country, in the field of environmental education and eco-tourism.

What we do
Nature Interpreter
Environmental Support
Uses of Compost
Feel Nature

We Aims At

  • Supporting environmental education activities for ecologists, college students, organizations and undergraduates.
  • Facilitate field research activities.
  • Implement outreach community empowerment project.
  • promote eco-tourism.

Recent Events

Dr.Sarath Kotagama
school event
dancing event
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