Insects in Sri Lanka

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Types of Insects

Insects come in all shapes and sizes—there are millions of different species found all
across the globe. Most of them come from one of seven main groups: beetles, bees and
their relatives, bugs, flies, butterflies, crickets, and dragonflies.

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Is Insects Harmful

As we know, a minority of insects are considered pests because they are harmful to humans or other animals. One reason insects can be harmful is because some can sting, bite, or even spread disease. Bees and wasps can sting, and for those who are allergic, these stings can be deadly.

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Studied Insects

One of the most Diverse animal groups in SL. But unfortunately one of the least studied groups,Only a handful of orders have been studied extensively :Butterflies,Bees,Dragonflies,Ants,Aphids,Dung Beetles are some groups that
have been studied recently

Butterflies in Sri Lanka


Butterflies in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to 245 species of butterflies with 23 of these being endemic to the island. Of the 245 species, 76, are listed as threatened nationally, while Ceylon Rose is designated as critically endangered


Where We Can Found

The majority of species are found in the foothills (up to 3,000 feet (910 m) elevation). A much smaller number of species are found above 4,000 feet (1,200 m), while 20 species of butterfly are restricted to the low lying dry zone (below 500 feet (150 m) elevation).


Butterflies Seasons

The number of butterflies peaks in two seasons during the year. The first of these is during the Southwestern monsoon in the months of March to April. The second is during the Northeastern monsoon which continues from September to October.

Snakes in Sri Lanka

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Venomous Snakes

Russell’s viper and saw scaled viper are true vipers found in Sri Lanka. Russell’s viper bites have resulted in the most number of fatal envenoming incidents in Sri Lanka.


Types of Snakes

Snakes dwell in – house section of the Reptilian. Russell’sviper, Sri Lankan Cobra (Naja naja), Common KraitCeylon Krait  and Hump Nosed Viper  are found in the zoo out of the seven species of highly poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka.

Russell's viper

Attractive Snakes

Green Pit Viper (Trimeresurus trigonocephalus) is a moderately venomous snake endemic to Sri Lanka. It is one of the most colourful and attractive snakes in Sri Lanka.