Research Support

How Ruwan Rekha support researchers will not be limited to ideas. We do have subject specialists on environmental related subjects and our database is growing on daily basis. Once you are on research you may need to research as ground level and also with specific writing skills depend on the subject. If your research match our ideas, we can go long way to help you out. It all depend on what you want to do and how soon you want to get the assistance.

environmental research
Great experience and happy to work with the other volunteers .Gain so much of knowledge.expecting to support future works too.
Hela Wedakama
Saman Kumara
Learn so many thing about the environment and dealing with us to share r knowledge on environment
birds in sri lanka 2
Manik Kusum
Had a great support from the internal staff in research works.experience we had as a volunteer was amazing...
Mike Sendler

Research FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it:

volunteer is someone who contributes their time, skills and experience to an organisation or group and gives their time for free. In return, a volunteer may gain work experience, broaden their own skills, develop new interests and become more involved with the community.

Need to contact relevant authorities for match the minimum requirement

Send us a bio-date stating all your previous activities and research we can connect with you ASAP. 


If you need research support beyond ideas, please contact us with your requirements and we can assure to respond to you within 48 hours.